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Journey With Story


Happy 3rd Birthday for JWS

Happy Birthday to Journey with Story! We are thrilled to celebrate our 3rd birthday with all of our loyal listeners. Thanks to all of you, we have some great accomplishments to boast about:

  • We have over ONE MILLION downloads!

  • We have an outreach to over 180 countries!

  • We received a NAPPA award!

  • We have frequently ranked in the top 20 podcast charts for kids in the education category.

  • We were featured in the top 30 Fairytale podasts for 2021!

  • We were featured in Whelp magazine as one of the best podcasts.

But of course, our biggest accomplishments are when we hear from our listeners who tell us how much these stories bring them joy and comfort, especially during this last year of the pandemic, when we all struggled with such discombobulating times.

These happy faces make our hearts sing!

A thousand thanks to all of you parents and teachers foryour encouragement and support and enthusiasm. We are honored and privileged to share our passion for stories with you and your little ones. We hope you will continue to nurture a passion for stories in your little ones, that will help them live life more creatively, joyfully, hopefully, and compassionately. And we are glad to have you with us on our Journey with Story.


The JWS Team,

Kathleen T. Pelley
Colette Jonas–audio editor
Alexandr Plesco artist 

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