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A Mother’s Day Playlist – Encore

Mother's Day Encore

Mother’s Day Playlist – May 9 – ENCORE

What makes your mummy very happy?  What makes you very happy?

Hello everyone. I’m Kathleen Pelley.  Welcome to Journey with Story.  I hope some of you might have answered this question by saying that spending time with YOU is what makes your mummy very happy, and spending time with YOUR mummy is what makes you very happy.  Since we celebrate Mother’s Day in America and some other places around the world this coming Sunday, we are bringing you an Encore Mother’s Day Playlist of some of our most popular stories about mothers.  And one of these is my book that I wrote some years ago called, Happy Mamas.

So grown ups, I just want to tell you all that we have recently completely updated and revamped our patreon platform so that we are now offering all kinds of new benefits that I think you and your little listeners will enjoy.  I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at JWS and seriously consider if you might be able to become a subscriber at one of our levels – I am asking for your support, because I really want to keep offering you our stories every week and keep them ad free, but running a podcast like ours does incur expenses such as paying our wonderful audio editor, Colette and our talented illustrator Alexandr and of course our loyal technical team who work behind the scenes to keep all of our audio files up and running on our website.

Now, here is a special offer – for everyone who subscribes to our patreon at the Unicorn tier, we are offering a special JWS tee shirt. But this offer is only good until June 5th, so go to www.patreoncom/journeywithstory and sign up today.  Be sure to fill in the form so we have the correct size you need and be sure your mailing address is up to date and then  lovely JWS teeshirt will be mailed out to you.

Now let’s take an encore journey with this Mother’s Day Playlist, and a big thanks to all of our lovely Mama listeners for encouraging your little ones to love stories.  Enjoy.


Wishing all you Mamas – wherever you are around the world a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Join me next time for Journey with Story.

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