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Encore Mother’s Day Playlist 

Mama Ostrich

Encore Mother’s Day Playlist 

Enjoy some of our most popular stories featuring all kinds of Mamas in this special Encore Playlist for Mother’s Day.  Includes

E 18 – The Tiger’s Whisker

E  30   A Mother’s Love

E 83  Happy Mamas

E84 Mama Ostrich

An episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story.  Ages 4-10  (duration 30 minutes)

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with this Special Encore Playlist Featuring All Kinds of Mamas. 

May 5, 2022


#18 The Tiger’s Whisker – Ethiopian Folktale 

#30 A Mother’s Love 

#83 Happy Mamas 

#84 Mama Ostrich 


If someone were to ask you, “What makes you happy?” how would you answer?  What if they asked you, “Do you know what makes your mummy happy?”  How would you answer? 


Hello everyone, I’m Kathleen Pelley.  Welcome to Journey with Story.  Today we are going to be offering you another encore story – remember, the word encore is a French word, meaning, again, an encore episode just means you will be hearing a story AGAIN that we aired  some time ago. But since it will soon be Mother’s Day here in American, we are offering you an Encore Mother’s Day Playlist, featuring some of our most popular stories about mothers including my picture book Happy Mamas.  Some of you might remember that this book is about what makes all kinds of human and animal mamas happy.  I wonder, can you guess what makes all Mamas – human or animal,  happiest by far?  Well, let’s take a listen and see if you are right. 


Oh, before we get started – this special playlist is dedicated to some new Unicorn patreon subscribers – Tova and Zohee – Hi Tova and Zohee – thank you so much for becoming patreon subscribers – we really appreciate it.  And hope you enjoyed your very own signed copy of Happy Mamas that you got in the mail as part of your Unicorn subscription. Don’t forget mums and dads, you too can become a patreon subscriber – just go to and sign up today. 


Now let’s take a journey with our special Encore Mother’s Day Playlist – specially dedicated to our Unicorn subscribers Tova and Zohee and their lovely Mum – Abigail, who tells me how much her girls enjoy this podcast. 


#18 – The Tiger’s Whisker 

#30 A Mother’s Love 

#83 Happy Mamas 

#84 Mama Ostrich 


Did you have a favorite story from this playlist?  Why don’t you draw a picture of it and have your mum or dad share it on IG and tag us – @ journeywithstory or you can also send it to us at our website, 


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Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful mummy listeners – thanks for all you do to mother goodness into the world. 


Cheerio then, join me next time for Journey with Story. 

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