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The Lost Mitten Encore: E119


The Lost Mitten Encore: E119

Enjoy this encore episode of The Lost Mitten – a beloved folktale from the Ukraine about a little boy who loses his mitten in the snow, where it becomes home for a motley collection of woodland creatures.  A beautiful tale to remind us to “always make room for one more!”  (duration 10 minutes) An encore episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story.

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Encore Episode 119

The Lost Mitten

January 5,2023

Happy New Year everyone.  For many of us this month of January can be very, very cold and we need to wear lots of clothing like hats and scarves and mitten to keep ourselves warm.  Have you ever lost one of your mittens?  Did you ever find it again? 


Hello everyone.  Welcome to Journey with Story – todays episode is an encore episode that we aired a while back about a little boy who loses his mitten in the snow, but finds it again when spring arrives.  It  is one of our most popular episodes and comes from the country of Ukraine. 


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Let’s take an ENCORE journey with The Lost Mitten. 



What do you think this story’s souvenir is?  Remember, the story souvenir is that little glimmer of truth about life that lingers with us after listening. 

Yes, I bet you got it – the souvenir is – always try and make room for one more – could be making room in your house or your classroom or making room in your heart. 

That might be a very good New Year’s Resolution for everyone –Always try to make room! 

Happy New Year.   

Cheerio then, join me next time for Journey  

with Story. 

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