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The Stolen Sun

The Stolen Sun

July 4 2024

E 274

What is your favorite thing to do outside on a sunny day?  

Hello everyone I’m Kathleen Pelley. Welcome to JWS.  I am sure some of you said you love to have a picnic on a sunny day or maybe just play a game in the garden or go swimming.  Well, today – July 4th is a big holiday in America where lots of people love to be outside in the sun celebrating the holiday with BBQ’s and Picnics and swimming.  And today’s episode is a story poem about a time the sun goes missing from the sky when a horrid crocodile manages to steal it.  Let’s take a listen and see how this dreadful situation turns out.

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Now let’s take a journey with The Stolen Sun

The sun went strolling in the sky

When suddenly a cloud came by.

Bunny took a look outside.

“Oh, how dark it is!” he cried.

And the magpies on the farm

Chattered loudly in alarm.

They hopped about the hills and plains

And shouted to the storks and cranes:

“Listen, listen, everyone,

The crocodile’s gobbled up the sun!”

It got dark as dark can be,

Not a thing could people see.

He who ventured in the lane

Was never, never seen again.

So the timid little sparrow

Kept on sobbing in his sorrow:

“Please, dear sun, come out again!

We can’t see to peck our grain! ”

And the rabbits wept

As they jumped and leapt:

Home was still so far away

And they couldn’t see their way.

Only in the murky swamp

The pop-eyed lobsters dared to romp.

And the wolves beyond the hill

Howled and growled around their kill.

Early, early in the morning

While the land was wrapped in mourning

Loud and sharp came ”Rat-tat-tat!”

Goodness gracious, what was that?

Two black sheep were at the gate:

“Come out, folks, before it’s late!

Come and fight in heroes’ style

And save the sun from the crocodile!”

But the shaggy folk were mute,

Afraid to deal with such a brute.

“Such great teeth! And he weighs a ton!

He’ll never give us back our sun!”

So they ran to the bear in his lair.

“Now, Bruin, there’s no time to spare.

Come, Lazy-Bones, leave off sucking your paw

Help us rescue the sun, let it shine as before.”

But, although he was big and mighty,

The bear didn’t feel like fighting.

He roared and sobbed and he sobbed and roared

As he called his cubs from the grassy sward:

“Oh, children, come back to your poor old father!”

He wept and he wept, searching farther and farther

And his wife, Mrs. Bear,

Looked around everywhere,

Under roots, under stumps, under stones, in despair:

“Oh, my Eddy, Teddy and Pronto!

Where, o where have you gone to!

Have you fallen into a ditch and drowned,

Or been torn to bits by a mad stray hound?

She wandered all day over marsh and scrub,

But there wasn’t a trace of a single cub.

Only the black owls stared from the wood

When at last, tired out, at her lair she stood.

But then Mr. Bunny popped out

And began to scold and to shout:

“Stop whimpering like a hare!

Don’t forget you’re a bear!”

“Go on, Bandy-Legs, and grab him,

By the scaly collar nab him,

Bash him up and underneath,

Tear the sun from his ugly teeth.

And as soon as it once more

Shines in heaven as before,

All your little ones,

All your pretty ones

Will come running from afar:

‘Hullo, Daddy, here we are!’ ”

And the bear he reared

And the bear he roared

And the bear he ran

To the river ford

Where the crocodile lay

With the sun, of course,

Shining away

In his dreadful jaws —

The golden sun,

The stolen sun.

Bruin crept up quietly

And he poked him lightly:

“Listen here, you ugly crook,

Give us back that sun you took,

Or I’ll take you by the scruff

And I’ll pound you into snuff!

Yes, I’ll teach you how to steal,

You, cross between a toad and eel!

All the world’s gone upside-down

And he won’t bother why or how! ‘

But all the rascal did was laugh

Till he almost split in half.

“Get away, you big baboon,

Or I’ll gobble up the moon!

“That’s too much to bear! ”

Roared the angry bear,

And his fangs went bare

At the enemy.

He hauled him up

And he mauled him up:

“Now, out with the sun, by golly!

And the crocodile

Soon forgot his smile

And he yelled in fright

With all his might.

From his jaw,

From his maw

The sun flew high

Till it reached the sky,

And its bright light fell

Over hill and dell.

“Welcome, welcome, golden sun!

Gladly shouted everyone.

All the birds took wing

And began to sing.

And the rabbits started dancing,

Turning somersaults and prancing

On the meadow by the spring.

Then the bear-cubs came along

And like jolly kittens

Tugged and pulled at their shaggy dad

With their soft brown mittens,

Shouting, calling Dad and Mum,

“Hullo, parents, here we come!”

Every little girl and boy,

Every beast just beamed with joy.

They thanked old Bruin for the rescued sun

And they all had lots and lots of fun

Happy 4th of July to all of our listeners in America – here’s hoping you have fun in the sun.

Cheerio then, join me next time for Journey with Story.

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