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The Sugar Mouse Cake

The Sugar Mouse Cake

The Sugar Mouse Cake – By Gene Zion

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The Sugar Mouse Cake – By Gene Zion

November 9, 2023

Episode 247

Do you like to bake?  I wonder what is the best cake you have ever baked or the best cake you have ever eaten and how was it decorated?  

Hello everyone.  I’m Kathleen Pelley.  Welcome to Journey with Story.  Today’s story is about a long ago pastry cook (that is just another word for a baker) who enters his newly baked cake into a royal baking contest but then things go terribly wrong for him and he has to find a way to make things better.   It’s called The Sugar Mouse Cake -sugar mice are just some sweets made with icing sugar and formed into the shape of a mouse.  It was written by Gene Zion, and was published as a picture book in 1964 and is now out of print. It is one of my all time favorite picture books to read aloud.   

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And a huge thanks to Luciana age 7 from South Africa who recently sent us a lovely drawing inspired by our Greyfriars Bobby story – you did a terrific job Luciana – you can see it if you go to and click on the Blog tab at the top and look in last month’s blog post.  Thanks Luciana this episode is dedicated to YOU.   

 Let’s take a journey with The Sugar Mouse Cake by Gene Zion….

Wasn’t that an exciting story? You’ve got to love that dear little mouse, Tina.  And I love what the king says about Tom’s cake when it is taken off to the palace, “I will feast on its beauty always!”  Seems like there are so many things in life we could say this about. I will feast on its beauty always. 

If this story painted any pictures in your mind, do get busy drawing and send those masterpieces to us at click on the contact form, fill it in and attach your drawing there. 

Cheerio then, join me next time for Journey with Story.

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