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The Bear’s Bad Bargain

The Bears Bad Bargain

An Indian folktale about a woodcutter and his wife who make bargain with a bear who agrees to bring them a huge load of wood in return for a share of their special dinner- kichudee- an Indian dish made mainly of pulses and lentils. But as soon as the woodcutter’s wife cooks the dish, she and her husband cannot stop eating it and now…what will happen when the bear arrives with their wood? A fun tale to teach children the importance of keeping your bargains.

Spotlight Country – India

Good stories can give us space in our lives to pause and ponder some bolt of beauty, some truth, or some new way of looking at life. It is what I call, the Story Souvenir.

Souvenir is a French word, meaning to remember. So it is some nugget of truth or some glimmer of truth about what it means to be human that will linger with us long after the last word is uttered – it is what our heart will remember most.

Each month we will pick one story for you to pause and ponder with your little listener – some discussion questions and some background about the country where the story takes place.

This month’s story is a folktale from India.


Discussion Questions

  • Have you ever made your own bargain with someone? Did you keep your part of the bargain?
  • Has anyone ever made a bargain with you and then not kept their side of the bargain, like the woodcutter and his wife in this story?
  • How do you feel about how the woodcutter and his wife treated the bear?
  • Do you have a favorite dish or meal that you love so much, you might be tempted to do exactly what the woodcutter and his wife did?
  • What do you think this story’s souvenir is?

Five Fun Facts about India

1. Its national animal is the tiger.

2. It is the second most populous country in the world.

3. Its main currency is the rupee.

4. One of the most popular Hindu festivals that is celebrated in India is Diwali, the festival of light.

5. The national bird is the peacock.

Popular Souvenirs from India include

Pashmina shawls


Special shoes called juttis

Oil lamps

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Join me next month for June’s Spotlight Story.

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