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The Royal Snore Snuffers

The royal snore snuffers

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Spotlight Theme: Problem Solving

Good stories can give us space in our lives to pause and ponder some bolt of beauty, some truth, or some new way of looking at life. It is what I call, the Story Souvenir.

Souvenir is a French word, meaning to remember. So it is some nugget of truth or some glimmer of truth about what it means to be human that will linger with us long after the last word is uttered – it is what our heart will remember most.

Each month we will pick one story for you to pause and ponder with your little listener – some discussion questions and some background about the country where the story takes place, (or as in this month’s episode, instead of focusing on the country, we will focus on the story’s theme)

Discussion Questions

  • Are you more of a noisy person like King Hamish or a quiet person like Queen Fiona?
  • In what ways do you think King Hamish was a good king?
  • Do you think King Hamish’s solution for solving his snoring problem was a good one? Explain.
  • Have you ever had to find a solution to some problem with a friend or a sister or brother?
  • Do you think it is good to have friends who are different from you? Why or why not?
  • What do you think this story’s souvenir is?

Here are some other stories from our podcast about someone who has to solve a problem.

The Little Hero of Harlem – E118


Fire on the Mountain – E98


Weighing the Elephant (a bonus episode)


Gopal and the Straw Roof – E131


Listeners’ Drawings

Thanks to Luciana, age 7, who lives in South Africa and sent us this terrific drawing inspired by our Greyfriars Bobby story.  Well done, Luciana!

how the whale go this throat

Thanks to Vitória who sent us this lovely drawing inspired by How the Whale Got His Throat.

Thanks to all of you who send us your listeners’ drawings – if you haven’t already done so, get in touch with us at and let us know your listener’s favorite story and do send us their drawings and letters so we can share.

Join me next month for October’s Spotlight Story.

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