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Journey With Story

The Three Brothers Folktale from Malaysia


When the three brothers use their talent for telling tall tales to try and trick a wealthy prince into giving them all of his fine possessions, they end up learning a lesson themselves.  A fun folktale from Malaysia.  An episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story.  (duration 12 minutes) Ages 4-10

Spotlight Country – Malaysia

Good stories can give us space in our lives to pause and ponder some bolt of beauty, some truth, or some new way of looking at life. It is what I call, the Story Souvenir.

Souvenir is a French word, meaning to remember. So it is some nugget of truth or some glimmer of truth about what it means to be human that will linger with us long after the last word is uttered – it is what our heart will remember most.

Each month we will pick one story for you to pause and ponder with your little listener – some discussion questions and some background about the country where the story takes place.


Discussion Questions

  • Which of the three brothers’ tall tales did you think was the most ridiculous and unbelievable? Why?
  • Can you pick one of the brothers’ tall tales and rewrite it giving it a different ending and making it as ridiculous as you can? Try telling your tall tale to some friends or family members.
  • Why do you think we call stories like these Tall Tales?
  • What do you think this story’s souvenir is?

Five Fun Facts about Malaysia

1. They have five different meal times-breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper.

2. It is home to the tallest twin buildings in the world – The Petronas Towers.

3. Its motto is, “Unity is strength.”

4. The National Animal is the Malayan tiger.

5. It is home to the largest and heaviest flower in the world – the Rafflesia – or The Monster Flowr.

Some typical souvenirs from Malaysia.

Jewelry -kerongsan – a kind of brooch

Ring Souvenirs

Pottery – Lubu Sayong



Some popular souvenirs from Malaysia might include special spices, pearls, a type of pottery called Lubi Sayong, or a kind of brooch called a kerongsang.

Thanks to a listener in Australia who recently wrote this marvelous review for us.

Children’s Art Gallery

What a wonderful story podcast. My nephew (9) and I are mesmerized listening to these stories and find ourselves wanting to listen to more. I love learning all the folk tales from around the world. Thank you

trudibee1 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 01/28/23

From The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Andrea

From Chicken Little by Edric

From The Linani Beast by Sophia

Thanks to all of you who send us your listeners’ drawings – if you haven’t already done so, get in touch with us at and let us know your listener’s favorite story, and do send us their drawings and letters so we can share.

Join me next month for March’s Spotlight Story.

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